Dr. Kay Sunakawa graduated from Life University in Marietta, GA in 2016.

While in school, Dr. Kay found Network Spinal Chiropratic, and noticed what a profound change it made with her neck, shoulder, and low back pain. She also noticed such a change in her once paralyzing anxiety/depression, and she knew she had to share this work with others.

When you work with Dr. Kay, you will receive holistic-based chiropractic care that is specific to you!

She listens to your health concerns and goals, and will work with you to create a healthcare plan. The Network Spinal technique is gentle and intuitive.

Dr. Kay was born and raised in the Hudson Valley in NY, but has been coming to Martha's Vineyard since she was a young girl.

She's always had a deep connection and love of the Vineyard, and has returned to give back and serve the island. When she's not in the office, you can find Dr. Kay in the garden, on the beach with her dog, Jax, or volunteering at Camp Jabberwocky.